Lady Sonia Galleries

You would think that Lady Sonia’s website would primarily feature movie content which it is bursting at the seams of, but Lady Sonia also likes to update her website with her very own galleries in various sections on her premier website. Within Lady Sonia’s photo galleries section there are hundreds of thousands of high resolution photos organised into galleries catering to different wants and fetishes. First up is the boss / secretarial section where Lady Sonia dressed in office wear gets into some steamy action with her staff. From interviews with a little more than the new employee bargained for to sucking off her chauffeur, Lady Sonia really does put everything into making these galleries exceptional!

The equestrian archive features lots of photos of Lady Sonia and her friends wearing jodphurs, kinky riding boots and domination type updates where she treats her stable hands to kinky bondage and fetishes. The medical archive is one of my personal favourites where Lady Sonia takes on the role of doctors and nurses treating her favourite patients with handjobs and blowjobs not to mention verious medical instruments to help her along her way.

Lady Sonia Galleries

Along with these main Lady Sonia Galleries, there is a latex section featuring plenty of latex and rubber wear that looks divine covering Lady Sonia’s big breasts and toned body. A lingerie and gloves section dedicated to the softer porn lover who wants to see Lady Sonia stroking her spike high heels and stockings. We are also treated to some early photo galleries where Lady Sonia first started along her glamour modelling career back in the eighties. If that’s not enough, the Fetish Office section of the site features many galleries dedicated to exploring some of Lady Sonia’s favourite fetishes. There is so much to download you might want to get started now! Why not click here and signup today to see what you’ve been missing!

Lady Sonia Latex

One of Lady Sonia’s pleasures is the feel of latex against her smooth skin. Lady Sonia explores latex in her “Fetish Office” with many latex dresses, hotpants and outfits that hug every curve of Lady Sonia’s breasts and ass. One of Lady Sonia’s first latex photo galleries in her “Fetish Office” features a cream skin tight latex mini dress with a very interesting flame like shape around her cleavage. It’s quite hard to explain so I am going to put a few preview photos at the bottom of this blog entry. Anyway, in this update, Lady Sonia is wearing this stunning dress along with black fishnet pantyhose, spike heels and a whip! Standing at the top of the staircase, Lady Sonia shows off her figure, bends over and lets the latex dress ride over her ass and shapely long legs.

Opening her legs, Lady Sonia’s fishnet covered pussy is on display as we look up her mini dress. It is a very seductive sight along with her breasts bursting out of her dress. I’m sure you’ll agree, Lady Sonia in latex is worth every penny of her very reasonable membership, so head over to her website right now by clicking here to get immediate download access!

Lady Sonia Latex

Lady Sonia Panties

Every week on Lady Sonia, we don’t just get one premier movie library update, but also a “Fetish Office” update which generally consists of a very sexy photo update exploring all of the fetishes that Lady Sonia loves to experiment with. This week, Lady Sonia experiments with one main fetish – her panties. Wearing pale pink panties, polo shirt and black and red spiked heels, Lady Sonia teases us as she writhes about on her bed.

We get some very nice cameltoe photos as Lady Sonia’s panties ride up her pussy lips. Along with many panty photos, Lady Sonia teases us with her erect nipples as they poke through her polo shirt. If you want to see Lady Sonia’s panties, click here for instant access!

Lady Sonia Panties

While the husband waits downstairs

For those of you who have never seen Lady Sonia before you are in for a treat – this decadent lady loves to play with other men while her husband is away on business meetings. This weeks update however is slightly more risky. Lady Sonia’s husband was due to take her out for lunch at a very exquisite restaurant in London in twenty minutes time. Her favourite black stud was already waiting in one of her many bedrooms with a massive erection needing some well earned attention from Lady Sonia herself. With little time to get ready for her meal, Lady Sonia decided to use this time wisely and service her black stud rather than get dressed up. This was very exciting knowing that her husband could knock on the door at any minute – after all, every gentleman knocks doesn’t he!

Wearing her black seamed stockings and white garter belt, Lady Sonia teases her black stud before they start kissing and he rubs her stocking covered legs all over anticipating what will happen next. Pulling her breasts out of her low cut top, he sucks her nipples making each one stand on end. Lady Sonia lies on her back and spreads her legs letting him lick her shaved pussy and grab hold of her breasts at the same time. A quick change of position allows Lady Sonia to suck on his large cock as he continues to lap up her pussy juice. Lady Sonia knows what she wants and with little time left, she removes her top and climbs on top of his cock, sliding it into her already wet pussy. She bounces up and down on his cock giving him the ride he has been waiting for before turning over and letting his long cock penetrate her pussy from behind.

Lady Sonia Interracial

Climbing back on top of her stud, Lady Sonia sucks his cock as she wants to taste his flowing juices in her mouth. Being very careful not to get any on her lingerie, his cum oozes from the tip of his cock. Lady Sonia thinks to herself she’d better get dressed and fast… before Charles comes up the stairs!

If you would like to watch the whole movie of Lady Sonia’s interracial adventure, why not click here and get instant access right away! There is nothing better than watching her smooth creamy skin against a black stud! Click here now!

Lady Sonia Pantyhose Wife Ridden Hard

This week at Lady Sonia’s website, there has been a fantastic new movie added – pantyhose wife ridden hard. This is one of the rare occasions where the star of the show isn’t Lady Sonia herself, but one of her very horny lady friends who happens to fancy one of the stable boys, Jon. Lady Sonia told Rebecca all about her adventures with Jon in the past, teasing him with her stockings and sucking his fine cock off. Rebecca wanted some for herself so put on some sexy pantyhose and got ready for her adventure – the only small detail being she had to be filmed enjoying herself! Rebecca didn’t take too much convincing to get in front of the camera. Her desire for younger cock was very strong and she had to have Jon there and then.

Rebecca pushes Jon against the wall and rubs his bulging pants as she tells him he needs to keep her occupied. You can see the anticipation in Rebecca’s eyes as she makes Jon lie back on the bed and as he strokes her pantyhose, she undoes her blouse a little to reveal her big breasts bursting out of a black bra. Turning around, Rebecca pushes her pantyhose covered pussy into Jon’s mouth and undoes his jeans taking his cock into her mouth. Moaning over and over, she takes it deeper into her throat. By this time, Rebecca’s breasts have burst out of her bra with her nipples rubbing against the bed. Jon gives some well deserved attention to Rebecca’s breasts and strokes them as he kisses her passionately.

Pantyhose Wife
This naughty pantyhose wife suggests to Jon that before she goes for her afternoon ride with Lady Sonia that he rides her, so turns over and lets Jon pound her from behind giving us a full view of Rebecca’s big breasts bouncing backwards and forwards. Rebecca climbs on top of Jon giving her full control of how deep his cock penetrates her pussy. This gives Jon the perfect opportunity to grab hold of her breasts squeezing them with his hands. Rebecca wants a taste of his warm cum, so gets off and starts to stroke Jons cock occasionally taking it into her mouth until he explodes and she swallows it all! Lady Sonia sure knows how to share her stable hands around her lady friends and I’m sure you will want to watch the full downloadable premium movie – click here for instant access!

Who is Lady Sonia?

Who is Lady Sonia? For those of you who don’t know Lady Sonia, she is a very decadent lady from the UK with a desire for sucking and fucking younger guys. Lady Sonia is married, but her husband Charles is away frequently which gives Lady Sonia the opportunity to use her stable hands and staff in a way you can only imagine! The difference between Lady Sonia and your ordinary housewife is that for one, she is very well educated and decadant and secondly films all of her adventures for her very own website!

On Lady Sonia’s website there are four areas of interest, the ultimate one being Lady Sonia’s Premier Video Library. Here you can find full length movies of Lady Sonia playing by herself, sucking off her staff and now even fucking them! That’s right, Lady Sonia has started full penetration movies! There are gigabytes of movies to keep you entertained in the Premier Video Library and all are fully downloadable in high quality windows media format. Along with the premier video library there is a photo gallery archive bursting to the seams of high quality photos of Lady Sonia and her staff enjoying themselves and she really shows who is boss! You will find many fetishes here including equestrian wear, nurses, latex, lingerie, stockings and much more.

Lady Sonia Updates
Fetish Video Empire is for those of us who prefer things on the kinkier side. Female domination plays a real part in this sections movies with topics such as pantyhose worship and punishment.

Lady Sonia’s Fetish Office is a collection of photo galleries featuring many fetishes including glamour, sensuality and eroticsm. These fetishes are hand picked by Lady Sonia as she is interested in exploring each and every one!

Bitchy Boss involves exclusive female domination movies to showcase how real assertive ladies behave. You can enjoy spike heel, whipping and raw dominatrix movies that excels in this niche.

Along with these four sections you also get access to Lady Sonia’s personal journal where every adventure is written down as and when it happens. If you are into mature ladies, give Lady Sonia a try. She is a real graceful lady with a naughty secret – her desire for sex! Everything is high quality which makes Lady Sonia a premier mega site with full download access! Click here for instant access!

Lady Sonia Interracial Black Stud Worship

Some of my favourite updates featuring Lady Sonia are the ones where she gives her full attention to the black studs who work for her. In Lady Sonia’s most recent Fetish Office update, she treats us and her lucky black stud to a sensual blowjob! Teasing the tip of his long cock, Lady Sonia works her way up his shaft before she opens her blouse and pushes her big nipples into her stud’s face letting him suck and lick on each sensitive tip. Taking off her blouse completely, Lady Sonia reveals her black open cupped bra and pantie set complete with suspender belt and fully fashioned stockings. She lets her stud lie back and enjoy complete pleasure as she continues to suck his cock barely able to fit it in her decadent mouth. Lady Sonia really does love to suck and fuck black men and when you see this update you’ll see why! Click here for instant access!

Lady Sonia Interracial Black Stud Worship

Lady Sonia Hot Wife in Silk

For those of you who have never heard of Lady Sonia, let me fill you in on the blanks. Lady Sonia is Britain’s most famous unfaithful housewife! Filming her escapades and putting them on the internet is a real thrill for this decadent lady from the countryside of sussex! Who would have thought that this trophy wife brought up surrounded by gentlemen, ladies and equestrian events would get up to so much fun behind closed doors! One of Lady Sonia’s favourite adventures is playing with her black studs. Sucking and fucking black men is a real turn on for Lady Sonia especially with their long cocks penetrating her tight white pussy.

But Lady Sonia is not just all sex, blowjobs and messy facials. We get to see the real decadent side of her in many of her updates including this one – Hot Wife in Silk. Lounging on her leather sofa, Sonia is wearing a caramel coloured silk dressing gown and slip. She peels off her dressing gown to show off how seductive this slip is with its fine straps and detail. Teamed with pearls and high heels, Lady Sonia really does look a delight and you can imagine her waiting at home for you to return from work. Lady Sonia pulls up her slip, touching her long legs as she opens them and touches her neatly trimmed pussy. Click here to access Lady Sonia right now!

Lady Sonia Hot Wife

Lady Sonia’s Office Temp

Lady Sonia Office

I can’t get enough of Lady Sonia and her slim figure, big breasts and killer fetish for stockings and cock but I was refresingly surprised when I logged into her members area to find some new content of her new office temp. Lady Sonia sure knows how to pick her staff and one of the major job requirements seems to be that they like to expose themselves which is all good by my books! Lady Sonia’s office temp is a little younger than Lady Sonia herself and we get to see her in a sexy business suit, fishnet stockings and high spike heels. She seems to have forgotten to put on a blouse underneath her jacket though as we get glimpses of her bra as she sits provocatively in her chair.

Things get even more steamed up as she places herself on top of her desk lying there as if she is ready to be taken. She pulls down her pencil skirt and shows us her sheer black panties and stocking tops. This office temp sure knows how to get a promotion around here and proves herself an alluring tease! Click here and check out the new office temp right now. You’ll wonder why you haven’t already joined! Trust me!

Lady Sonia Office Temp

Lady Sonia Interracial with Marvin

Lady Sonia loves to play with well hung black men and there’s something I can’t quite put my finger on about the sensuality of watching a white woman with a black man. Thankfully, Lady Sonia is back at it again with a new black stud to tease! Sitting in her leather chair with stockings, heels and no panties on, Lady Sonia takes Marvin’s thick cock in her hands. We get prime position watching as Lady Sonia strokes this black cock working her hands up his shaft before she uses her hands to rub his body turning herself on as she touches his ever muscle. Marvin soon does what any red blooded male would do and rubs his hands over her stockings up her slender thighs to her crotch.

Lady Sonia undoes her blouse and rubs the throbbing tip of Marvin’s cock against her perky nipples. Marvin soon grabs hold of her round breasts and caresses her skin as Lady Sonia continues to stroke his hard cock! You really don’t want to miss Lady Sonia’s interracial encounters! Click here for instant access to Lady Sonia!

Lady Sonia Interracial