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Lady Sonia loves a bit of interracial action so much so that she takes every opportunity she can to get some black cock inside her white pussy. Lady Sonia’s husband Charles had driven to the train station to pick up some work colleagues and as soon as his car left the driveway, Lady Sonia led her black stud upstairs to take advantage of him before her husband returned home. They didn’t have very long so they made it as fast and explosive as they possibly could with a very horny milf in fully fashioned stockings climbing on top of her black stud and quickly sucking his cock while he grabs hold of her big breasts.

Turning around, he licks her aching pussy as she continues to take his shaft deep into her mouth. Lady Sonia then climbs onto his long cock pushing it inside her pussy as she bounces up and down on top of it. He turns her over and fucks her doggy style before she finishes him off by sucking his cock until he explodes his load inside her mouth. Lady Sonia sure knows how to pleasure a man! Click here to download the full high quality movie right now and see all of Lady Sonia’s other milf interracial scenes!

Milf Interracial

Lady Sonia’s Bottom

Quite a tongue in cheek update today on Lady Sonia’s Bitchy Boss – Kiss My Bottom is all about Lady Sonia’s fine ass. In an office blouse, pantyhose and high heels, Lady Sonia is posing in her office again with no panties on! She really does make it a habit of wandering around in the most revealing outfits but I think that her staff are fairly used to and enjoy it by now. It must come of a bit of a shock to newcomers to her company, but I’ve seen the interview process and believe me it is not like any interview I have been to!

With most of this update dedicated to Lady Sonia’s bottom, there are plenty of shots from behind as she bends over her executive chair. We are treated, however to some frontal shots as Lady Sonia lays back on her chair, spreads her legs and masturbates with her glasses. Simple, but perfect! Click here to take Lady Sonia’s free tour right now!

Lady Sonia Kiss my Bottom

Lady Sonia Cum Covered Nipples

Lady Sonia has a real desire for cum and loves getting her favourite studs over to suck off before they spray their loads all over her body! A favourite place to get covered in cum is Lady Sonia’s nipples as they are so sensitive and get fully erect when anything comes near them. Inside Lady Sonia’s members area, a photoshoot dedicated to Lady Sonia’s cum covered nipples awaits you where you can see close up photos of Lady Sonia as masses of cum ooze down her nipples and over her big breasts. Lady Sonia can’t help but scoop up some of the sticky stuff with her fingers and lick it with her tongue along with massaging it into her perky nipples and pinching them to turn herself on even more. I wonder what the stud stood over her was thinking as he watched her rub his load all over her breasts. I know I would love to watch her do that to me! Click here to take a look for yourself!

Lady Sonia Cum Covered Nipples

Lady Sonia Fishnet Stockings

Lady Sonia has a real fetish for stockings so there is nothing better than logging into her members area and seeing a new update dedicated to fishnet stockings. In this update, Lady Sonia is stood in her studio wearing a silk blouse, fishnet stockings and high heels and carries a riding crop. Turning around, Lady Sonia bends over and we get the perfect view of her smooth toned ass with the lace tips of her stockings clinging to her thighs.

After teasing us for a while Lady Sonia sits down crossed legged and shows off her high heels. If only we could rub our hands up her smooth legs towards her moist pussy! I’m sure you will love watching Lady Sonia teasing in her fishnet stockings so why not click here, signup today and start downloading!

Lady Sonia Fishnet Stockings

Lady Sonia Roped and Gagged

For those of you who are into things that are a little more kinky, Lady Sonia knows just how to please you too! Lady Sonia Roped and Gagged features stunning Lady Sonia strapped to a medical chair with rope and a ball gag in her mouth. She looks simply divine wearing stockings, high heels and a beige dress thats pulled open so we can get a little glimpse at Lady Sonia’s breasts and panties. With her legs wide open, someone (I can only imagine the doctor or dentist that has Lady Sonia captive) pulls her panties to one side letting us see her pussy in full view. He then shines a light directly on Lady Sonia’s breasts before gathering a number of vibrators from his side table and teasing Lady Sonia’s sensitive pussy with them one by one. Strapping one of the vibrators inside her panties so that it rubs up against her clit, Lady Sonia has no choice but to cum… and cum.. and cum again! Click here to watch Lady Sonia roped and gagged!

Lady Sonia Roped and Gagged

Lady Sonia Pantyhose and Ankle Boots

Today’s update inside Lady Sonia’s members area is a real treat for pantyhose lovers out there. If you love the look of silky nylon pantyhose against slender legs then you will adore this new update in Bitchy Boss.

Lady Sonia is wearing no panties, pantyhose and spike heel ankle boots and is posing on a glass table showing off her firm ass from every angle imaginable. Starting off with plenty of views from behind, Lady Sonia soon turns around to reveal her neatly trimmed pussy through her pantyhose before she starts to rub her very sensitive clit with her legs spread wide open. Click here for instant access to see Lady Sonia in pantyhose and much more!

Lady Sonia Pantyhose and Ankle Boots

Lady Sonia – Bitchy Boss

Part of Lady Sonia’s life involves being a boss to many staff, and she makes the perfect boss. She knows how to dominate, yet keep her staff under control (as many of her staff are male, she gets to play with them in ways we can only dream of!) Lady Sonia loves to keep a section on her website named Bitchy Boss to show off her executive outfits and most expensive stockings along with some of her staff she likes to keep in line! This week on Lady Sonia’s Bitchy Boss, Lady Sonia herself treats us to a an update titled “Don’t keep me waiting”. Lady Sonia is sitting on her stairs in a business jacket with nothing but lingerie underneath. If only all our female boss’ came to work like this!

Wearing fully fashioned stockings, Lady Sonia teases us by letting the tips of her stockings become visible as she bends over each step before turning around and giving us a full view of her breasts with her open cupped bra. This really is a treat for stockings lovers and breasts lovers alike so if you haven’t signed up to Lady Sonia yet, click here to get instant access to this and many more Bitchy Boss updates!

Lady Sonia Bitchy Boss

Lady Sonia’s Interview

An interview at Lady Sonia’s office is a totally different experience to any other interview I’ve ever seen or been involved with. On today’s premier movie update, Lady Sonia is holding an interview for a new handy man to help around the office. Sitting in her executive chair in a very low cut top, mini skirt and stockings, her interviewee sits opposite her in tight jeans with an erection that Lady Sonia can’t help but see.

To get things started in normal Lady Sonia fashion, she takes out a silver vibrator from her filing cabinet and starts to masturbate in front of her potential stud. Inserting the vibrator deeper inside her pussy as her whole body thrusts it isn’t going to take long before she gets herself off.

Lady Sonia takes the vibrator out from her dripping pussy and rubs it against her pulsating clit. Her legs are wide open, pantieless with her pussy on full display for her interviewee. The camera zooms right in on Lady Sonia’s pussy as her hips thrust backwards and forwards and Lady Sonia grabs hold of her big breasts getting ready to orgasm. I’m pretty sure that her stud got the job! Click here to download the full movie.

Lady Sonia Interview

Lady Sonia’s Bitchy Boss – A Formal Meeting

Lady Sonia would make an amazing boss. Now don’t get me wrong I think that she would be very strict but reward her staff in the most inventive ways ever. I know for sure I would like to be one of her employees getting that special treatment and getting to look at her every single working day in her sexy office outfits and high heels.

In this new update on Lady Sonia’s Bitchy Boss section, Lady Sonia shows us exactly what we are missing in her office. No wonder the recruitment queue for positions in her stable are so long. Just take a look at her wearing a low cut blouse, designer pencil skirt suit and of course her spike heels. If you take a closer look you can see that Lady Sonia’s blouse is so low cut that you can see her white bra and enormous cleavage. In this update, Lady Sonia gets hold of one of her riding whips and looks very dominating as she teases with it. Although this update is fully clothed, she’ll make you beg for more as she draws you in with her stunning figure.

If you’d like to see more of Lady Sonia and her office politics, why not click here and sign up today! It will be the best thing you’ll do ALL day trust me!

Lady Sonia Bitchy Boss

CFNM – Cum Sprayed and Messy!

This week on Lady Sonia there really is a treat waiting for you… as I discovered when I logged in with my members password this morning to find a very messy video update! Clothed Female, Naked Male is one of those fetishes that isn’t explored very often, but Lady Sonia knows how to tease us dressed in her black polo neck top and leopard print tight trousers. There is something very sexy about Lady Sonia’s fine form dressed in figure hugging clothing so we can see her curves from her big breasts to her pert ass.

In this movie update, Lady Sonia’s husband Charles arranged for their usual young strapping builder to come around and give an estimate on some fencing work. Lady Sonia immediately knew her plan and as soon as Charles had left for a business meeting, Lady Sonia spotted her builders erection through his work gear, stripped him naked and started to rub and suck on his throbbing cock. After teasing his tip with her tongue, Lady Sonia covers his cock in lube and strokes it fast as he grabs hold of her ass and strokes her through her trousers. Lady Sonia climbs on top of him, fully dressed and rubs his cock in smooth motions with the insides of her thighs.

Laying back with her legs open, the builder strokes her pussy through her trousers before standing above her face and stroking his cock until he explodes over Lady Sonia’s face. Giving him one last tease, Lady Sonia licks the tip of his cock clean and already plans on her next adventure with this strapping young builder. Why not click here right now and download the full movie! Lady Sonia loves to play with other men while her husband is away, perhaps next time it could be you?

Clothed Female Naked Male Cum Sprayed and Messy