Let Lady Sonia introduce you to… Punishment Bitch

Hello to my very valued readers. I would very much like to introduce you to a new section Lady Sonia has started inside her members area. Punishment Bitch is totally dedicated to female domination where Lady Sonia gets the chance to punish her staff any way shes chooses. Her most recent update on Punishment Bitch, Panties lowered for punishment sees one of her favourite stable ladies Wynter in her beige jodphurs getting punished.

Wynter doesn’t seem to know how to discipline Lady Sonia’s horses correctly so she decided to show her exactly how to use a riding crop. She instructed her to kneel upon a chair and after a few practice strokes with the whip, Lady Sonia demanded she pulled down her jodphurs and panties to whip her naked bottom red raw! I don’t think she will have a problem using a riding crop anymore! Click here and get instant access to Punishment Bitch and all of the other exquisite sections inside Lady Sonia’s members area.

Indulge yourself in a little luxury…

Lady Sonia Punishment Bitch

Stern boss Danica dominatrix

Danica is certainly making appearances on Lady Sonia’s website with today’s update featuring a very stern looking Danica in dominatrix type gear. Wearing a waist clincher, stockings and a white blouse Danica looks ready to punish one of her employees… or studs as I call them on Lady Sonia Updates!

Bursting open her blouse, Danica shows us her black sheer bra covering her big breasts and poses in the office before sitting down on a stool and taking off her blouse completely. This update is perfect for anyone wanting to be controlled by a female boss! Do you like the idea of being submissive and letting Danica do anything she wanted to you while you were working during the day? I know I would! Click here to see more of Danica on Lady Sonia’s website!

Danica Dominatrix

Lady Sonia Mini UpSkirt

Something that always gets me going is mini skirts and in today’s update at Lady Sonia’s website there is no exception with the tinyest minskirt I have ever seen on such a stunning body. In her office, Lady Sonia has turned up in seamed stockings, garter belt and a skirt that barely covers her firm ass. We get lots of shots of her slender legs before Lady Sonia bends over the desk and lets her ass show on full display!

As a treat, Lady Sonia isn’t wearing any panties so when she bends over we see her delectable pussy in all its glory. Now if only you could pound her hard over her work desk… but of course that could happen if you sign up to Lady Sonia’s members area as she is constantly on the lookout for new studs to seduce in her office!

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Lady Sonia Upskirt

Lady Sonia Fingering

I really have a thing for office ladies so Lady Sonia’s website is pure exctasy. In today’s update, Lady Sonia is in her office sitting on her executive chair wearing a waistcoat, suspender belt and stockings… .but no panties. She sits with her legs wide open giving us a look at her trimmed pussy.

Placing her leg up on her glass desk, you can see Lady Sonia is extremely horny. She soon places her hand down to her pussy and starts to rub her clit intensely before she inserts a finger and fucks herself in her office. Taking off her glasses Lady Sonia really starts to enjoy her daytime office orgasm…

Sometimes she is the boss lady, the secretary, or decadent nurse in spike heels and stockings who loves to tease and enjoy a huge cock. Let Lady Sonia get you off today – Click Here!

Lady Sonia Fingering

Lady Sonia’s PVC Catsuit

Recently in Lady Sonia’s Fetish Office we were treated to a very sexy photo update of Lady Sonia wearing a skin tight shiny PVC catsuit with red high heels. To start her photoshoot, Lady Sonia is sitting on her white leather dentists chair with her legs crossed seductively over one another. Soon, Lady Sonia stands next to the chair bending over it as we get a full side on view of her toned long legs and big breasts. Her breasts burst out of her catsuit eager to be released from the tight plastic fabric.

Putting one leg over the chair, we get a perfect view of Lady Sonia’s ass encased in PVC which in itself is a very tempting invitation that makes you wish you were right there waiting for her! Finally, that chance may come true too! I have had some very interesting news from Lady Sonia herself as you all know she reads this blog, and she has told me that she is accepting applications to appear in a video and/or photoshoot with her! Further details can be found on her website so if you click here, you might be in with a chance of filming with the hottest cock hungry lady around! Click here to access Lady Sonia!

Lady Sonia Catsuit

Lady Sonia’s Curvy Office Boss

Recently, Lady Sonia has hired some new staff around her office and one of them caught my eye in particular. Danica has been employed as the new office manager and she certainly looks as though she can be in control! Nothing is ever normal in Lady Sonia’s office though so it wasn’t long before Danica was posing for the camera for Lady Sonia’s website.

Wearing red lingerie and high heels, stockings and glasses, Danica’s curvy figure is shown off to full form. With plenty of ass shots we get to see Danica’s round ass as her thong rides up inside her cheeks before turning around, removing her bra to give us full view of her big tits. Danica is definately a welcome member of Lady Sonia’s team! Lady Sonia’s website has hours and hours of 100% exclusive HIGH QUALITY videos waiting for you inside! At least two brand new videos are added every single week and all videos are FULLY DOWNLOADABLE so will keep you busy for a VERY long time! Click here to access Lady Sonia’s website right now!

Lady Sonia Danica

Lady Sonia Machine Fucked

I’m back to bring you the most recent Lady Sonia updates to give you that little taster before you decide to part with your hard earned cash on what I think is the best mature website on the internet. Lady Sonia is the perfect housewife and i’m sure her husband is very happy. While he is away on business, Lady Sonia likes to invite members of her website and young studs that she employs in her office to pop around and fuck her hard on camera. Her husband has an inkling of what goes on behind closed doors but he doesn’t say a word. Lady Sonia’s husband is what is known as a Cuckold, a married man whose wife has sex with other men and I’m not going to complain as I get to watch all of the high quality movies with my Lady Sonia membership!

In today’s update, Lady Sonia is all alone with nothing but a fucking machine to keep her company. One thing I love about Lady Sonia’s members area is the diversity of her updates. We get to see her solo, with other men, women and of course there is nothing better than listening to her sexy posh English accent. Anyway, enough side tracking, back to today’s update…

Lady Sonia is in her office staff room sitting on a bar stool with her fucking machine pounding away at her pussy. Wearing nothing but a crotchless leather / PVC bodice and high heels, she looks as if she is enjoying herself. We get real closeups of Lady Sonia’s delectable pussy as the fucking machine goes deep inside her. Her big breasts burst over the top of her bodice giving us a simple glimpse of her nipples.

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Lady Sonia Machine Fucked

Clothed Female Naked Male

Clothed Female Naked Male is one of the many fetishes that Lady Sonia likes to explore. There is something extremely sexy about watching a real lady, fully dressed in figure hugging clothing taking advantage of a stud. As soon as this update was launched in Lady Sonia’s premier video collection, I downloaded it and watched it through.

Lady Sonia is sitting at a table with her nearly naked stud as she kneels down, rubbing his erect cock through his boxer shorts. She grasps hold of his shaft and slides her hand up and down before teasing his hard end with her fingers turning him on even more so than he already is! She slides his cock through the buttoned hole in his boxer shorts and strokes his cock before licking all the way up his thick shaft. Pushing his cock inside her mouth she sucks his cock bringing him closer to exploding his load but before he gets the chance, Lady Sonia pulls down his pants, and reaches from behind grasping hold of his cock and tweaking it as it oozes precum from the tip.

As a special treat, Lady Sonia slides her stud’s cock inbetween her fully clothed legs and lets him imagine what it would be like pounding her pussy for real. Until that day comes however he will have to enjoy the “leg” job that he is getting. There is nothing Lady Sonia loves more than getting cum splashed all over her clothing, so she lets her stud stroke over her clothed breasts until he explodes all over her perky nipples! Whether the Clothed Female Naked Male concept is completely new to you or you ar a devoted fan, you will love this update! Why not click here, signup to Lady Sonia’s website and get downloading within minutes!

Clothed Female Naked Male

Lady Sonia Jodphurs

Part of this weeks update at Lady Sonia’s website includes a fetish that is explored quite a bit – Jodphurs and equestrian wear. There is something very sexy about a lady in beige jodphurs, riding boots and a whip in her hands waiting for her lucky stud of the day to seduce her. This week, Lady Sonia’s friend Rowena spotted the stable hand Jon as she was getting ready for an afternoon ride. Standing by the stables flirting with him, Rowena couldn’t help herself as she provocatively wiggled her hips and drew Jon to follow her upstairs.

As soon as they were upstairs, Rowena made her move on Jon. They started to kiss passionately as Rowena knew she was going to get exactly what she wanted but she had to be fast.. her husband was due to pick her up after her ride so she needed to get back downstairs before he found out exactly who she had been riding! Rowena takes off her blouse and sits on top of Jon letting his fondle her breasts before taking off her bra and sucking on her nipples. Sliding out of her jodphurs, Rowena shows Jon her fully fashioned stockings and garter belt as he slides her legs apart and starts to lick her pussy.

The bulge in Jon’s jeans is getting bigger and bigger so Rowena pulls them down and sucks Jon’s long cock. We get a very nice view of Rowena’s pert ass as she takes it deeper down her throat! Rowena climbs on top of Jon sliding his cock inside her eager pussy. Her sheer fully fashioned stockings rubbed against Jon’s thighs as he groans. Soon, they are laying on their sides and Jon is pounding Rowena hard from behind giving her deeper penetration and much more pleasure. Rowena is concious that she doesn’t have long left before her naughty adventure must end, so she starts to suck Jon’s cock once more, eager to taste his cum!

Lady Sonia Jodphurs

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Lady Sonia Galleries

You would think that Lady Sonia’s website would primarily feature movie content which it is bursting at the seams of, but Lady Sonia also likes to update her website with her very own galleries in various sections on her premier website. Within Lady Sonia’s photo galleries section there are hundreds of thousands of high resolution photos organised into galleries catering to different wants and fetishes. First up is the boss / secretarial section where Lady Sonia dressed in office wear gets into some steamy action with her staff. From interviews with a little more than the new employee bargained for to sucking off her chauffeur, Lady Sonia really does put everything into making these galleries exceptional!

The equestrian archive features lots of photos of Lady Sonia and her friends wearing jodphurs, kinky riding boots and domination type updates where she treats her stable hands to kinky bondage and fetishes. The medical archive is one of my personal favourites where Lady Sonia takes on the role of doctors and nurses treating her favourite patients with handjobs and blowjobs not to mention verious medical instruments to help her along her way.

Lady Sonia Galleries

Along with these main Lady Sonia Galleries, there is a latex section featuring plenty of latex and rubber wear that looks divine covering Lady Sonia’s big breasts and toned body. A lingerie and gloves section dedicated to the softer porn lover who wants to see Lady Sonia stroking her spike high heels and stockings. We are also treated to some early photo galleries where Lady Sonia first started along her glamour modelling career back in the eighties. If that’s not enough, the Fetish Office section of the site features many galleries dedicated to exploring some of Lady Sonia’s favourite fetishes. There is so much to download you might want to get started now! Why not click here and signup today to see what you’ve been missing!