Lady Sonia’s Bitchy Boss – A Formal Meeting

Lady Sonia would make an amazing boss. Now don’t get me wrong I think that she would be very strict but reward her staff in the most inventive ways ever. I know for sure I would like to be one of her employees getting that special treatment and getting to look at her every single working day in her sexy office outfits and high heels.

In this new update on Lady Sonia’s Bitchy Boss section, Lady Sonia shows us exactly what we are missing in her office. No wonder the recruitment queue for positions in her stable are so long. Just take a look at her wearing a low cut blouse, designer pencil skirt suit and of course her spike heels. If you take a closer look you can see that Lady Sonia’s blouse is so low cut that you can see her white bra and enormous cleavage. In this update, Lady Sonia gets hold of one of her riding whips and looks very dominating as she teases with it. Although this update is fully clothed, she’ll make you beg for more as she draws you in with her stunning figure.

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Lady Sonia Bitchy Boss

CFNM – Cum Sprayed and Messy!

This week on Lady Sonia there really is a treat waiting for you… as I discovered when I logged in with my members password this morning to find a very messy video update! Clothed Female, Naked Male is one of those fetishes that isn’t explored very often, but Lady Sonia knows how to tease us dressed in her black polo neck top and leopard print tight trousers. There is something very sexy about Lady Sonia’s fine form dressed in figure hugging clothing so we can see her curves from her big breasts to her pert ass.

In this movie update, Lady Sonia’s husband Charles arranged for their usual young strapping builder to come around and give an estimate on some fencing work. Lady Sonia immediately knew her plan and as soon as Charles had left for a business meeting, Lady Sonia spotted her builders erection through his work gear, stripped him naked and started to rub and suck on his throbbing cock. After teasing his tip with her tongue, Lady Sonia covers his cock in lube and strokes it fast as he grabs hold of her ass and strokes her through her trousers. Lady Sonia climbs on top of him, fully dressed and rubs his cock in smooth motions with the insides of her thighs.

Laying back with her legs open, the builder strokes her pussy through her trousers before standing above her face and stroking his cock until he explodes over Lady Sonia’s face. Giving him one last tease, Lady Sonia licks the tip of his cock clean and already plans on her next adventure with this strapping young builder. Why not click here right now and download the full movie! Lady Sonia loves to play with other men while her husband is away, perhaps next time it could be you?

Clothed Female Naked Male Cum Sprayed and Messy

Boss Danica putting on her Stockings

I am really enjoying getting to know Danica more inside Lady Sonia’s members area. In today’s update we get a full movie of Danica as she walks into the office staff room and changes right in front of the camera.

Danica walks into the office wearing see through white leggings and a red low cut top but it’s not long before she’s changing into black stockings as she slides them up her curvy legs and a garter belt to hold them in place. Danica’s big breasts are completely bare as she gets changed which makes for a very erotic movie indeed!

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Boss Danica Putting on her Stockings

Lady Sonia Fucking Machines

The latest update on Lady Sonia ties in with my last blog entry – however instead of using a vibrator on herself, Lady Sonia uses her very own “fucking machine”. Lady Sonia starts by sitting on a leather chair wearing stockings and rubbing her pussy with her fingers, talking to the camera as if you were really there. That’s one thing I love about Lady Sonia is that she gets her viewers involved. Lady Sonia starts to lick and suck on her fucking machine dildo teasing the tip of the penis and stroking it with her hands. She lies back and rubs her clit with her vibrator warming up to the main event.

The next thing that happens is that Lady Sonia turns on the fucking machine and immediately lets it penetrate her pussy thrusting in and out. While the machine works its magic, Lady Sonia rubs her clit to bring herself to orgasm. I have to say I have never seen one of these fucking machines before, but it makes a very erotic movie! Click here to download the full verson!

Lady Sonia Fucking Machines

Lady Sonia and Red Machine Fucking

Machine Fucking is a pretty new angle that Lady Sonia has decided to introduce to her website and what better way to tease her members than release a movie featuring Lady Sonia and Red using a fucking machine.

Dressed in an office skirt suit, the movie starts with Red looking over the fucking machine and stroking it with her hands. This machine has two dildos attached to it, a long black one and a ribbed flesh like.

It isn’t long before red pulls down her pencil skirt and shows off her seamed stockings and body shaper. She rubs her pantieless pussy getting her juices flowing before she climbs on top of the flesh like fucking machine. Riding it gently, we watch as the fucking machine pounds her pussy with Lady Sonia keeping a close watch on what is happening…

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Lady Sonia and Red Fucking Machine

Lady Sonia Masturbates In The Office

A regular occurance on Lady Sonia’s website is the delight of watching this stunning mature lady masturbating in her office. In today’s office we are again treated to beautiful Lady Sonia in stockings, no panties and a white jumper dress checking her organiser before she decides that she’s done enough work for the day and relaxes herself into her chair before spreading her legs and rubbing her aching pussy.

What I especially love about this update is the type of stockings that Lady Sonia is wearing. Nude stockings with a black seam and stocking top – my absolute favourite. We get a look at Lady Sonia masturbating as if we were sat peeking opposite her desk so it feels as though you are really there. Perhaps that might be the case one day as Lady Sonia meets her members regular and treats them to a very good time!

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Lady Sonia Masturbates in the Office

Lady Sonia ‘s Vibrator

If you’ve never been inside Lady Sonia’s website you might not have had the chance to get a glimpse of Lady Sonia pleasuring herself with a vibrator… well today I’m going to give you a couple of preview pictures to show you what you are missing out on! In a very recent Lady Sonia update, Sonia is sat on one of her favourite leather chairs in a white blouse and black stockings with a little purple vibrator in her hands. She starts off by rubbing it against her panty covered pussy as its motion vibrates through her panties onto her sensitive clitoris. Pulling her panties together, Lady Sonia gets her vibrator that little bit closer to her skin before moving onto her sensitive nipples and teasing them with the vibrations making them stand on end!

Lady Sonia pulls her panties to one side as she is ready to get herself off with her toy. Rubbing it over her pussy as she slides her fingers down inbetween her lips she orgasms there and then for us!

Lady Sonia Vibrator

Lady Sonia – Bitchy Boss, Slave and Gold Jimmy Choo Heels

Lady Sonia loves nothing more than to splash out on expensive Jimmy Choo heels and it’s easy to see why in this most recent update. Wearing stockings and a suspender belt with no panties, Lady Sonia has one of her naked slaves on a leash. Lady Sonia looks very much in control as she pets her slave who is keen for any attention from the Lady herself.

Using a riding crop, Lady Sonia proceeds to whip her slaves feet and works her way up to his dangling balls and teases them with a few strokes of the whip. As she pulls her slave towards her she uses her gold heels to push against his face. He begs for more as he aims to be Lady Sonia’s most notable slave. I’m sure you’re going to want to see the whole update inside Lady Sonia’s members area, so click here and get access today!

Lady Sonia Slave and Gold Jimmy Choo Heels

Let Lady Sonia introduce you to… Punishment Bitch

Hello to my very valued readers. I would very much like to introduce you to a new section Lady Sonia has started inside her members area. Punishment Bitch is totally dedicated to female domination where Lady Sonia gets the chance to punish her staff any way shes chooses. Her most recent update on Punishment Bitch, Panties lowered for punishment sees one of her favourite stable ladies Wynter in her beige jodphurs getting punished.

Wynter doesn’t seem to know how to discipline Lady Sonia’s horses correctly so she decided to show her exactly how to use a riding crop. She instructed her to kneel upon a chair and after a few practice strokes with the whip, Lady Sonia demanded she pulled down her jodphurs and panties to whip her naked bottom red raw! I don’t think she will have a problem using a riding crop anymore! Click here and get instant access to Punishment Bitch and all of the other exquisite sections inside Lady Sonia’s members area.

Indulge yourself in a little luxury…

Lady Sonia Punishment Bitch

Stern boss Danica dominatrix

Danica is certainly making appearances on Lady Sonia’s website with today’s update featuring a very stern looking Danica in dominatrix type gear. Wearing a waist clincher, stockings and a white blouse Danica looks ready to punish one of her employees… or studs as I call them on Lady Sonia Updates!

Bursting open her blouse, Danica shows us her black sheer bra covering her big breasts and poses in the office before sitting down on a stool and taking off her blouse completely. This update is perfect for anyone wanting to be controlled by a female boss! Do you like the idea of being submissive and letting Danica do anything she wanted to you while you were working during the day? I know I would! Click here to see more of Danica on Lady Sonia’s website!

Danica Dominatrix